Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Maine

Here is Thomas starring in the play at camp. The story involves 8 bunnies, and some dragons.

I know, he is great isn't he?

Moments later, one of the bunnies took her cue too early, obviating Thomas' last line. The counselor/ narrator tried to prompt him to say it anyway, but Thomas said quietly that the line no longer made sense. Then, as the situation sank in, he turned and pointed at the little bunny, shouting "SKIPPER!" and "SHE's the one, she skipped my line!" I think he expected the rest of us to join in and begin hurling tomatoes and old shoes at her.

i'm not sure exactly what happened next because I was hiding my face in Mim's shoulder, but cooler heads prevailed.

Yes, that's right, Auntie Mim came all the way to Maine. She fit right in:

And Mim was not the only extremely special guest last weekend. We had all the Creston Leas! Thomas and Cora Jane got on like a house on fire. I think it was her deep Lea voice that captivated him.

I got the chance to hold little Arthur!

It was heaven. In fact, this is exactly what I always used to wish for: me, big and in-charge, and Arthur, tiny and helpless.

Then the Erica Leas came by! Those twins are gorgeous. We are hoping to see them again in NYC.

And now it is nearly time to pack up and say goodbye to our wonderful summer idyll. We are sure going to miss being here!

See you soon Cairo!


Gran Kathy said...

Please note that Mimmie is wearing her grandmother Ginny's bathing suit from 1927. It is exceptionally well made of a kind of seal skin fabric. Next visitor we hope to model the suit will be Andy.

Good bye little Egyptian family. You've given my summer a special wonderful kind of raucous feeling.

Aunt said...

Thomas video is really great

arthur and maggie said...

Nice work in the play Thomas!

We'll get that lil' skipper bunny someday.

out of towner said...

Someone told me to read this blog. It's wonderful

Kathy. said...

Every night I tune into that video of Thomas in the play. My favorite part is when he raises his arm at the end. It makes me so happy to see it. Then I go off to bed. Good night little Egypt family....

Grandma Nancy said...

I echo Gran Kathy. The last thing that I do each night is check the blog to see all my favorite people. Especially great is Thomas looking so happy in the play, Laura's account of what transpired next with Thomas's "J'accuse" moment, the great pictures of Gran Kathy and the boys and especially the beautiful picture of Laura with little Arthur. We need more pictures with Laura in them!


Sleep tight
We miss you

Kath. said...

you all were radiant on the Skype today