Friday, December 23, 2011


Emmett met Santa a little while ago at the British School Christmas Fayre.

They reportedly discussed motorcycles, forklifts, and Sarah, the triceratops.

Christmas in Egypt is pretty understated.  There is a sizeable Coptic Christian minority still here.  They celebrate christmas on January 6th.  So there is a general awareness of the holiday.  But the Coptic celebrations tend to focus on fasting and prayer, not so much buying presents or Santa Claus.  Also, this isnt a rich country.  The Holy Family, according to one of the gospels, fled through Egypt to escape King Herod, and there are three or four churches around town that claim to be the site where Mary, Joseph and Jesus stayed when they were here.  To the extent anyone talks about Christmas, it's really the basics: baby Jesus, born at this time, fled persecution.  I have to say, it is so much nicer than Christmas in the U.S.  Except the lack of family, snow and traditions.    


Occhio said...

Why does Santa-in-Egypt have to look like Wilbur? That's what I'd like to know.



J said...

Everywhere this Christmas
we miss all of you
the Egyptian family

kath. said...

"lack of family, snow and traditions" is a pretty big lack.
Christmas in USA sends you all a big hug !

Granny said...

If that mop beard Santa can talk about Sarah the Triceratops then I'd say he's the real thing

Anonymous said...

Laura, remember that picture of you flushed and in a snow suit sitting on Santa's lap ? (a female Santa a la New Canaan) ?

Aunt Emily said...

Sarah, the Triceratops from The Land Before Time? I remember her. She was pretty awesome. Merry Christmas!