Sunday, February 5, 2012

Golden Book! and More Friends Moving On

Today Thomas got a Golden Book award in assembly!  This recognizes hard work and achievement.  We are so proud.

Below are some pictures from the Year One assembly put on by his class.  They did a play about a lazy farmer and a hardworking duck.  Thomas originally was one of the head ducks, but somehow got demoted to a cow.  He didn't mind though because his buddy Sam was also a cow.  That's them below with their cow headdresses.

The theme of the show was "People Who Help Us."  They each drew a poster of someone at school who helps them and showed the picture to the audience with a short explanation.  Thomas drew a picture of Miss Iman, one of the aides in his class.  She also works with him some outside with Dahlia.  This is what he said, "This is Miss Iman.  She's someone that I know and trust, and she helped me when I was new at school."  Dave and I nearly wept.  Then, the farmer/duck play, and then the whole class sang, "Lean on Me."  I swear to God, it was the best show I've seen anywhere, ever.

We went to Felipe's 3rd birthday the other night.

Diana told me they are being transferred to Siberia!  She is not happy about it.  We are going to miss them a lot, though maybe not enough to go to Siberia to visit them.

We have been visiting other friends though.  Last week Thomas and Emmett had the day off school to mark the one-year anniversary of the revolution.  Since Dave was going to be busy summing up what it all means, Clare and I decided to go to Dahab and catch a glimpse of Joanna and Greer.  Joanna just got engaged!  And soon they are moving back to Chicago!  So this was a last chance to hang out on the beach . . . 

(we didnt make this)

Check out these cute knees:

We did see Joanna and Greer and John, but we left the documentation to the semi-professionals.  Hope we can share the results soon--- but here's what they looked like!

What about us, do we ever go the pyramids?  Sure!


gK said...

"Dave and i nearly wept"
Gran Kathy weeping

Uncle Arthur said...

Congratulations on The Golden Book Thomas! I liked the line about being demoted from a hard working duck to a cow. Cows work hard too!

And look at good natured Emmett putting up with scoops of sand on his head...

Anonymous said...

Please more info on what a Golden Book Award is