Monday, April 16, 2012

Bradfords in Cairo

We miss you already!!!!


Anonymous said...

Amazing !

Uncle Arthur said...

We miss you too! Stay tuned for lots more pictures from our amazing visit. Highly recommend visiting the Bradford/Kirkpatricks in that ancient land!

ps. the burger from the British club gave me diarrhea.

shelfy said...

I miss those guys too!

Anonymous said...

Arthur just returned to Brooklyn. He's all tanned. and covering all his skin with black robes

Grand Kathy said...

Two pictures show little Emmett with his new yellow bus, one here and one in the Mosque. That's how i get my news.
I think his new underpants are also in the picture.
He told me while Skyping that he did indeed wear underpants now and that his mother knew he was interested in trains so she got him underpants with trains on them.

Kathy B. said...

It's May 1st in New York City
I'd like to know if Thomas plays with that game I sent to him in Arthur's luggage. I think it was some sort of math monkey puzzle