Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tennis and the Pharaons Rally

Today was action-packed here in Cairo.  First, Emmett had his second "teddy tennis" lesson:

Here he's using bubbles to practice his "serve" manuver.

Here he is very excited to learn how to volley at net.

Then we went to meet a real race-car driver!!!! One of Mommy's students is competing in the Pharaons rally race through the desert.  His team is Al Rahallah, they are the biggest Egyptian team, but still very much underdogs.  Tarek and his team builds their cars themselves.  And we got to ride in them!

Here is the car Tarek will drive.  The engine is in the back for better weight distribution.

Emmett and Thomas got official team jerseys and hats.

Someone had a chameleon named Camelia, and it was somehow important that we pose for pictures with Camelia on our head.

 Here is our friend Sam K in Tarek's car.  Sam also has become a member of Team Rahalla.

The race starts tomorrow from the pyramids!  We will be checking in with them here.  Go Rahhala!


gran Kathy said...

Someone much better qualifies than me in going to comment on Emmett's overhead volley.

Two things I loved:
Laura's cheer when her kid succeeded
Thomas's smile when he posed with animal on hat
seeing his friend Sam K
(that's 3 things)

Roger Federer said...

Emmett must challenge Uncle Arthur now.



arthur and maggie said...

That Teddy tenis looked crazy! Well done Emmett.

And it was very nice to see a picture of the legendary Sam K, with whom some of us are familiar from his valiant efforts against the Naughty Cats.