Monday, January 28, 2013

Lady Liberty

Once back in New York, we hung out with the usual collection of celebrities, including Grand Kathy and Aunt Lola.  We also had a special cameo appearance by the STatue of Liberty herself!!

Thomas is quite pleased in this picture because he has located where Lady Liberty stows her cash.

I have been assured that all bills made it back to their rightful owner.


William Bradford said...

I find the historical context of these depictions difficult to unravel.



gran Kathy said...

Did you notice what a really great dancer Thomas is - check out Arthur's video of the gang hum dance.
Are there dance halls in Cairo ?

Anonymous said...

Laura, Thank you for all the terrific pictures of your holiday fun! I can't believe i missed them until now. Loved your first shots of the three of you after arriving, your wonderful party in NYC and great time in Vermont! Happy smiles all around. G. Nancy

arthur and maggie said...

"gang hum dance"?
it's gangnam style mom!

Kath said...

Please teach me gingham style