Sunday, March 17, 2013

One of the things we love about the boys school is all the events and shows they put on. This past week was sports week for Emmett and thomas. It's just like Harry potter with houses and house points and winning the school cup etc. here Emmett lines up for serious competition:

And here he is in action:

Thomas pretty much just sillied it up the whole time.

This past weekend we actually left Maadi! We went to a fair in Zamalek, the chic island neighborhood downtown.

It was held in the fish gardens, which don't have actual fish but they do have caves and bats.

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gran Kathy said...

Emmett is so long and thin I thought that was Thomas dancing the Harlem Sheikh with LaURA. THEN I went on you Tube to find out what this dance was and saw a whole lot of versions and i love the Laura Emmett one and thanks Dave for filming it.

Kath. said...

As for the sports fair I can't imagine anyone having the nerve to enter a wheel race against Emmett. That's OK that you didn't tell us who won

Laura said...

They didn't have "winners" per se for Emmett's year. Everyone was a winner. Thomas hasn't told us which team won overall. His house is Memphis. The others are Giza and Saqqara.

Laura said...

Your obsession with winning is very American

Lu said...

What did the boys think of those caves with bats ?