Friday, November 29, 2013

Fall album

Some shots from summer and fall:

arriving in nyc at grand kath's studio:

Dinner with Grandpa Peter and Grandma Susan after circus camp.

Visit with Aunt Carola

Ok-- now skip ahead, arriving back in Cairo in August, and being some of the only expats there:

After the Rabaa massacre, in Tel Aviv: 

Our first beach with waves

Tel Aviv is a great, interesting city right on the beach!

Spelunking in a stallegmite cave near Jerusalem.

Back in Cairo, alhumdillallah.

First maadi house birthday of the season:

Fall Eid camping trip to Fayoum and the Whale Valley:

When they said there are ancient whale skeletons sitting out on the sand, this wasn't actually what I pictured:

Staying at the Fayoum Auberge Hotel, which was the former hunting lodge of King Farouk

Dave takes on hordes of children:

That's Fayoum Lake behind Emmett.  Its a giant oasis. 

And then off to London, and a ride on the giant "London Eye" glass ferris wheel.

We didnt get to meet the Royal Baby, but we did feed some ducks.


William Bradford said...

Four countries, two royal households, an oasis and a ferris wheel. Do you know how long I would have needed to see all these things?

As ever,


arthur and maggie said...

I liked the whale skeleton the best