Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grand Kathy to the Rescue!

Sorry we've been silent for so long.  We ran into technical problems with the camera.  But, in a switch of the usual stereotype. Grand Kathy came to town and used her digital savvy to help us workaround it.  So, here's some Mother's Day photos from a trip to the DC Aquatic Gardens with friend Will Savage:

Hope we'll be back in full operation soon.  Meanwhile, for those of you curious about the new house, here's a peek:


Douglas said...

The contuing joy and excitement we get from this blog as every picture makes us smile, compels me to overcome - at last - my computer illiteracy to tell you how much we appreciate your work.
Looking forward to seeing all four of you, and the new house, very soon.
Doug (and Nancy)

K Bradford said...

I just witnessed Dave make everyone eggs a la creme with his right hand while handling a call from the NY Times copy editor with his left hand. The eggs turned out great and the article popped up above the fold on the front page of today's TIMES. I noticed he is now getting over 350 comments on the article but really I wished the comments were coming in here to congratulate both laura and Dave on house, boys and an amazing life.

K Bradford said...

FROM Susy Dolloff Cremers:

Hi kathy,

I tried to leave a comment but it didn't work.
Had no idea that Laura had another baby. She looks so happy. I bet she's a great mom.
as you are and a wonderful grand ma I would suspect!

arthur and maggie said...

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed that ny times article, very thought provoking!

templetom said...

In envy of those two well fed boys, I've changed my name slightly. Now it has two e's, two m's and two t's, just like Emmett. The connection to Thomas is more obvious.



emilyb4d said...

I think the Laura looks very pretty in these pics. A perfect picture of a graceful mother :-)

K Bradford said...

Don't wait too long to post something new. We're all dying to see those Kirkpatrick boys in the new house (moving day this week end right ?)