Saturday, June 6, 2009

Boys and Rabbits

I'm writing this from Jane's computer at Grand Kathy's, because our epic move has made both camera and computer temporarily unavailable. I spent last week in Ocean City NJ with heroic Grandma Nancy while our also heroic contractors worked to shore up some late-discovered termite damage in the new house. Thomas was slightly confused and kept asking if the beach house was the "new house", but didn't seem to mind having moved so close to the ocean. Hopefully I can post some pics from there soon. In the meantime, here is a picture of Thomas taken at his little preschool on Capitol Hill. We were really down on the school for allowing commercial photographers to come in and take photos of the children as a "morning activity" with the idea of then selling the photos back to the parents. But, I think you'll have to agree, it's a pretty great photo:

Note that Thomas' "Brazil" shirt, a present from actual Brazilian Vanessa, is in heavy rotation. That's all for now, but I'd like to close with an homage to Jane and this computer, which is brimming over with photos of Jane's patients:


emilyb4d said...

That's an awesome pic of Thomas! Annoying about the commercial photographers, but it's something you're going to have to get used to. The same thing happens in our school, but twice a year (perhaps twice as annoying?), and get this...teachers get to keep their pics for we want them. Perhaps Thomas and I could arrange a trade? I have more than a few extras.

arthur and maggie said...

We have three copies of that picture at home now. Elsie likes it.

K Bradford said...

what a great post to read as i sit here in a Skowhegan Maine parking lot - the only place that gets internet - so far. thanks for all the hero mentions. Jane will be amazed to see her clients up on your blog.
And here's to your new life at Livingston Street !

K Bradford said...

would someone please do an intervention and find the cord for Laura and Dave's camera so we can have this blog continue