Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tie Dye

Last weekend we did some awesome tie dying with Addy and her mom, who once sold tie dye's professionally at Grateful Dead shows. Then Addy taught Thomas a dance called the "Wiggly Witch."

Here's a picture of a shirt we made!

You may think that Thomas was in his underwear above to avoid getting tie dye on his clothes. Actually, Thomas insists on being in his underwear a lot lately. He just saw the movie The Jungle Book. The main character, Mogli, basically wears only underwear. We have a hard time getting Thomas dressed these days because he likes to pretend to be Mogli.
Finally we let him go to the playground in his underwear in hopes that he would be embarassed and let us dress him. Did it work?


Templetom said...

Thomas's willingness to go scantily clad in public reflects a genetic predisposition on both sides, but the involvement of a young lady seems precocious even by the standards of Uncle Arthur. Grandpa Peter still hasn't figured out this aspect of life. Too late for him, I fear.



K Bradford said...

Was that Vanessa taking the video ? Loved it and hope for more. How about Thomas watching the Elsie video watching Theo ?

K Bradford said...

Request for more real estate porn

arthur and maggie said...

I really like the underwear stuff. Let's not forget that Thomas' mother once rode the nyc bus to school wearing a blonde wig...not sure which character she was trying to be though.

K Bradford said...

Do you have meals out on the deck now ?