Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Well, all systems are finally up at The New House, and the camera cords have been unearthed from their boxes. So here are some scenes from the move. First, the day before the big event, Aunt Annie and Uncle Andy took Thomas to the Natural History Museum so we could pack. This is how he was returned to us:

Note that he is still wearing his pajama top in that photo. I guess we didn't even manage to dress him that morning.

Then, because construction was not quite done at The New House, Grandma Nancy, Thomas, Emmett and Laura left for Ocean City, NJ. Grandpa Doug, Dave and Vanessa heroically tackled the dust and jumping spiders to unpack. Grandma, Mommy and the boys, once we made it through a harrowing drive, had a fantastic time. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves:

Thomas and Nancy jumped the waves together. We all kicked back in the beautiful Kuhn family cottage, just steps from the beach.

When we got back, the boxes were unpacked (mostly), and we could just enjoy them and the new playroom:

More photos of The New House to come. In the meantime, we here at The Kirkpatrick Boys would belatedly like to welcome little Kaya Kurz to the world. Here is Emmett celebrating with Grandpa Ted:

Other photos of Emmett's trip North to meet cousin Theo can be found here:



Laura said...

It's great to see the much talked about Tiger Face! That's amazing.

Still hoping to see you all when things calm down (if ever) in your lives to meet EMMETT!!!

EMILYB4D said...

Thomas the Tiger! LOVE IT!

Laura said...

Where's that tiger, where's that tiger? hold that tiger! (Tiger Rag, sounds better with music)
so when does Thomas dress up as an Eli or a Bulldog for mutual alumni representation?