Friday, November 6, 2009

Boys Being Cute in the Fall

Here's some family reading:

Here's where we lost the camera in the leaves:

Here's Thomas dancing. The bent arm raise is his signature move. I'll post the video later-- it's taking forever to upload ---


kathy said...

"Boys Being Cute in the Fall" really delivers !
And the video is momentous as it records Emmett's first time laugh on film. Lawn life never looked so good.

emilyb4d said...

I like the appearance of Laura's hand to prevent Emmet from being buried in leaves by his big brother.

Laura said...

Emmett's laugh is as contagious as his smile.

William Bradford said...

At last the people on one of these blogs are doing something the same way that their ancestors did it.

Yrs trly,


Marianna Houston said...

Hey Laura-
These pictures make me so happy and make me cry--thinking of those sweet Fall days with little Ben & Emily. Love it!

Marianna Houston said...

And...I want to give you big compliments on hand made Halloween costumes--the mark of fine parenting--especially making a volcano costume! Big up!

arthur and maggie said...

The old "leave the camera in the pile of leaves" trick! Nice volcano costume, btw. Elsie was very fascinated by that.