Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here's our darling volcano:

Wait-- it's going to blow!!

And here's some scenes from the school Halloween parade, where Thomas opted for a different look:

At one point Thomas got out in front of the crowd and did his own thing:

And here are the boys being super cute. More to come of that!


emilyb4d said...

OMG! What a great costume! Who that of that one, and who made it?!

kathy said...

A real volcano costume - that blows its top ! I love it ! So imaginative (and i hear it's all done with sheets). My goodness that shaggy dog torn newspaper Halloween costume from long ago grew up to create great things.

kathy said...

See picture third from the top - there's definitely a volcanic devilish twinkle to that eye.

Laura said...

I miss the puppy of first halloween - that was a supercute outfit, but a volcano is extra cool and special, especially when I heard that to all the people who said "My, you're a volcano!" Mr T reassured them it was only face paint and sheets. So he's cute, smart and sweet!

On the Easy E side of things, look at him go, that's so fabulous.