Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Tree

Last weekend we set out to find our own christmas tree. We combed the city looking for just the right yule greenery.

We settled on a local school sale. Thomas consented to help choose the tree, though really they all looked fine to him.

The playground next door got his studied attention. He and Grand Kathy took several train trips to New York. He did not welcome additional passengers, however.

When it came time to load the tree on the car, Thomas sprang into action. He hoisted it onto the roof solo!

At home, we lit a fire and hung heirloom ornaments.

Tomorrow we are going to write a letter to Santa reminding him to send Elsie and Theo's presents here, as we think it could get confusing.


Katherine Bradford said...

OMG, many magical moments captured for eternity in this blog. it's all true folks esp the part about the galaxy.

Katherine Bradford said...

,,, and the heirloom ornaments

arthur and maggie said...

See you soon cousin thomas and cousin emmett! That's a nice tree you hoisted solo...Love, Elsie and Theo!

William Bradford said...

It's better to shoot down your Christmas tree with #4 shot after a day of rabbit hunting in December. But no one in these pictures looks like much of a rabbit hunter.