Saturday, December 19, 2009

Home Birthday Party

Thanks Grand Kathy for the pictures and for generally saving the day!

Here I am explaining the rules of the astronaut secret agent game, which involved finding colored sponges that had been lost throughout the galaxy and turning them in for prizes. Thomas is so excited he can't keep still.

Here are the secret agents claiming their rewards.

As they brought in the treasure, I told them they had saved the galaxy. Devon (below) later checked in with me to clarify the connection between the lost sponges and the galaxy being in peril.

The game of course was based on an old pink rock game that Grand Kathy used to mastermind at Mere Point. But the astronaut stuff was our own invention.

More merriment:
You can't tell but Emmett (with Clare below) was still feeling a little poorly from a stomach bug. Later we found out that almost all of the children who came to the party spent the next two days vomiting. But it was still a fun party!


Katherine Bradford said...

I just want to say that you haven't lived until you have spent your day at a 4 year old boy birthday party

annie said...

well, i'm still voting even though i missed the blog pole for the knob...yes, keep it...its part of the plank of has a story to tell and will add many more, trust me...did emmett get baptized and i didn't even know?...and darn i'm sorry we weren't there for the astronaut wonder you all looked exhausted afterwards...a double thank you for putting up with us for those two after-hours...see you all soon....

Laura said...

The astronaut party looks amazing. I think I want to be a secret agent astronaut when I grow up. Thank you to Thomas for the inspiration.

arthur and maggie said...

Happy 40th Thomas!