Saturday, January 16, 2010

The goddess of the sun

OK- we've got quite a library of fabulous shots, so we're going to have to keep it coming here. We're gonna do this semi-chronologically, cause that's how we roll, and I'm afraid the archives go back a ways. Here's some showcasing of special birthday gifts (and one xmas gift video). You'll notice a space theme . . .


And here's T and E in the once-in-70-year snowstorm that hit DC in early December. E, especially, was excited.



arthur and maggie said...

Keep 'em commin! Esp. liked that exciting Emmett snow video.

WIlliam Bradford said...

Did the Vail sermon really last 8 days? That's impressive, even in this family.



Laura said...

I love Emmett's impression of the worlds smallest snow angel . Minimalist and post modern, all before age 1 - go E!!!

Katherine Bradford said...

the Goddess of the Sun and the Emmett chilling video are fabulous. What a build up until we hear the mother acknowledge that her kid has frozen solid except for the foot move incidents.