Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here Come the Christmas Scallywags

We don't even know why they're called this but the name seems to fit.

We went in search of sledding.

Thomas wanted to go down in a sled once by himself. Grand Kathy stayed at the bottom to catch him. It was a hair-raising ride, but all survived except the sled.

We miss you-- come back soon!


Laura said... - defines Scallywags as an imp, one who is playfully mischievous. Seems perfect for some of these.

Katherine Bradford said...

All of these snow pictures were taken in Washington DC - voted by Rolling Stones Magazine as the best place to go sledding at Christmas time.

Laura said...

I indulged in some kiddie porn, and E looks amazing in the Santa suit, as seen on his cuz's blog. No cuter baby Santy out there!

arthur and maggie said...

Great pics! The expression on Theo's face in the first one defines scallywag. Too bad we don't a a video of Thomas' now famous solo run.