Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Stepping back in time, let's remember fondly our first stop on our trip east. From Washington we set out first for Greece and the island paradise of klima beach on Ios. After 3 airplane flights and a ferry ride, We saw Grandma Susan waiting for us on the dock at ios. Hurray! Then it was only a quick bus ride and a zippy motor boat trip to the beach, where grandpa Peter waited in towering swells to unload our luggage from the boat.

Evidently I had made a promise that we would each arrive with only a small pack back of stuff. Despite the helpful loss of one of the bags by the airline, I am afraid we fell well short of my guarantee.

Thankfully klima was so gorgeous or I think my crew might have mutinied by the end of the trip.

It was a very nice way to introduce the boys to their new life. Emmett saw the house, the beach and his grandparents and yelled out excitedly "Egypt!" Until then I hadn't even known that he understood anything about the move. (alert readers may point out that Emmett seems to greet every new situation with a cry of Egypt! That,s not true. It was a only seeing his grandpa and then the kitty that got this reaction.) Thomas was also happy, especially about a pair of goat skulls on the stairs. He did ask quietly, "But why did we have to travel for so long?"

We spent a happy few days snorkeling, playing in the sand and learning chess.

Grandma Susan impressed us with her daily spear-fishing. Here she and Emmett compete to see whose dimples are bigger.

Another sign that emmett understood what was happening was that he clung to Clare like a little monkey. I thought it would be terrible when we had to say goodbye in athens. But when the time he let go and did not put up a fuss. It was nice for us to have such a special trip with her before she left us for sf. We Skyped with her yesterday on her birthday and she seems to be doing well.

See you soon klima beach! Thank you for the wonderful introduction to Mediterranean life! We want to come back soon. And we promise, only backpacks . . . .


William Bradford said...

My goodness. That trip reminds me of our Mayflower crossing to begin life in the New World, especially the luggage and the indentured Welsh lass.

You set her free long before I would have.

Yrs Trly.


Anonymous said...

Egypt ! It looks like some really beautiful Greek isle.

Please skype me when you can even if though it's not my birthday

ox, kathxyz