Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yesterday I took the boys to the zoo. It was the craziest zoo ever. As you walk around the kepers whisper to you like pushers in Washington Square Park: "ostrich, over here, ostrich." "Want see zebra? here, zebra, psss, pssss." If you nod, the guards will literally let you in with the animals. They expect a tip in return. Below we hang with the kangaroos and pet the lion cubs.

One guy encouraged Thomas to pose next to an angry mama tiger kept in a private cage in the back. He told me it was safe, while brandishing a stick menacingly at the cat. We did it but it occurred to me I had a lot more to lose from his being wrong than he did.

We also helped feed the elephant, but my hands were full with emmett so no pictures.

Since it was a Friday during Ramadan there weren't many people there. Again we were the only westerners there.

At one point a group of school children ran up and surrounded the boys. They were yelling hello and whats your name in english. I think they thought Thomas and Emmett were the best exhibit in the zoo.

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annie said...

dear dear laura, dave, thomas and emmett...we miss you so so much...i'm thrilled to read all about your adventures...and what adventures they are...thomas next to the lion cub, emmett naming egypt the cat, greeting dave, the hotel stay, beautiful greece...please keep sending are such a good writer...also send me an email, so i can respond to you more fully than here...hugs to all of you...

Anonymous said...

Amazing story with pictures of your kids in the animal cages too. All the children surrounding T + E and speaking English to the ! More pictures of what the people look like on the street please.
lots of love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oh! Thank you for writing this, - I love it! You are
not only an amazing Mom, but also a talented writer. seem to
take it all so much in stride, and with two kids, too.

Alexandra (Peters)

Anonymous said...

fantastic! So good to have news.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I hope that you are planning
to write a book with all your great adventures and pictures. You are doing such a great job! And the pictures of T and E walking & holding hands just melts your heart. Grandma Nancy