Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas in tha house!

David went out to the wadi, and surprised us all by coming back with this handsome evergreen tree.

I didn't even know they grew in the desert! And where did he find a cross-bow axe I wonder?

Emmett and I set out to decorate it at once.

The tree is sitting in what we like to call "the empty room." This is probably as good a time as any to show you some pictures of the house, as promised lo these many weeks ago.

The "empty room" is the only room in the house that wasn't fully furnished when we arrived. It is a traditional Islamic sitting room where men would receive guests apart from the family parts of the house. I have big plans for this room. Up to now it has been useful for car racing, trains, balloon tosses, and Christmas trees.

(we have been waiting for our fixer guy to come to hang pictures. Supposedly this will happen tomorrow! As you can see, the finest art in our collection is headed for these walls).

On either side of this front room are two wings- one for eating/ lounging, and the other for bedrooms.

These here are two of my favorite rooms. The wife of the last nyt correspondent is a graphic designer, and you can see she had a real flair in decorating.

Kitchen. Pretty average. At night a few lizards come and cling to the windows.

This hall connects the two wings of the house. The rug we inherited but I'd like to change it.

This is the playroom/ guest room. That's giacomo with Emmett and t building a train track.

Here's where y'all will sleep when you come visit.

Here's our messy room complete with one handsome nyt bureau chief.

I guess I don't have a photo of the boys' room. It's pretty crowded now cause it has 2 big boy beds and a crib. Hoping we'll lose that before too long.

Now here's Santa:

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Anonymous said...

The barefoot Santa takes the day
or maybe the empty room with Christmas tree
Thanks Laura

Clare Booth Loose said...

and the handsome NYT Bureau Chief