Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving catch-up

Well, it's already december and I've been a little delinquent about updating november's events. For the last few days ive been laid very low by what I insist is dengue fever, but what medical evidence suggests was just a flu.

Here we are just before leaving to have thanksgiving dinner at our friend giacomo's house. Here we really have to give credit to Thomas for being savvy enough to befriend someone whose parents work for the embassy. This means they have access to the us commissary and all it's goodies. We had turkey AND ham and stuffing and pumpkin pie! Also, they are very nice people.

We all looked very sharp as you can see. Thomas was so polite: when asked what he wanted to wear he said, "whatever looks handsomest.". And, all by himself, after the food was served, he looked at his hostess and said, "what a delicious thanksgiving dinner." I was so proud.

Emmett wore his plaid party pants that continue to be crowd-pleasers.

Here we are on a recent trip to the Wadi with Juan and Felipe's family. You wouldn't believe the off-roading dave had to do to get us to this spot! The Rodriguez's were so scared.

Despite how we look in this picture, we all had a nice time.

Next up, Christmas is coming to Cairo!

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uncle A said...

There's a rumor that Thomas said "what a delicious Thanksgiving dinner" before anyone was served. He was the handsomest though!