Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In praise of Kompass

Here are some photos of Thomas' days at Kompass. We really love this place.

This boy, Ryosuke, is a bit of a mystery. The teachers insist he is one of Thomas' best friends, but Thomas says he doesn't like him at all.

Sand drawing is a big part of every day.


Kath said...

Thanks for posting on Day of Revolution.. Saw Dave on NYTimes video deliver report from Tunisia spitting out Arab names and places like a trooper. No need to fret ?
Nothing like Stories from Laura to ease my mind. Lovely stories too.

Anonymous said...

THinking of you today

Laura said...

I wish I could go to Kompass. That looks like so much fun and Thomas looks like he's having an amazing time!!

Cret said...

Yes the Kompass pictures with sand drawings are terrific. Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Such a cool looking school! Nonie

Natasha said...

laura, you might enjoy this spoof of US policy on Egypt:
thank you for your reports and dave's superb reporting
natasha mayers