Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I should add that we are all fine. Dave is still in Tunisia although the story is moving to Egypt. The "day of revolt" here was very quiet in our neighborhood. The protests were anticipated and everyone knew to steer clear of downtown.

Thomas, to his credit, was incredulous when I told him that protests were coming to Egypt but that we would not be going. We have been talking about why Daddy is in Tunisia, and he knows that there was a bad leader and that the people told him to leave. He knows that the leader here is considered "bad" too. When he heard that people were going to march in Tahrir Square, he insisted, with that hard logic of the very young, that we go too. I explained that it would be too dangerous- there would be lots of people and what if he and Emmett started wandering in two directions at once? He said very seriously, "Mommy, I will stay close to you. You can look after me, and I'll look after Emmett."

We did not go-- nowhere near. I wish that we could have though.


Laura said...

Thanks for the update! Thoughts with you all today!

Debbie Hurley Wright said...

Laura, he sounds like like his mother. I hope you are all safe. Deb