Monday, May 23, 2011

felucca boat ride and superhero dinner

With one glorious trip down the Nile, we said goodbye to Aunt Lola and welcomed Grand Kathy to Cairo.

It didn't take long for Grand Kathy to get in the swing of things. Here she is as Grammy X-ray Vision for "Superhero Dinner."

Other attendees included LadyBug, Magic Boy, and Emmett.


Anonymous said...

I love that last pic! holiday card material!

William Bradford said...

Am I correct in understanding that one of the four people in the last photograph is a well known professor of the law of intellectual property at one of the more conservative law schools in the U.S. Prospective applicants are expressing diverse reactions, as are alumni donors.

As ever,


Kathy Bradford said...

Actually I don't teach law

Gran Kathy