Saturday, May 28, 2011


Last weekend we went to Kompass' end of year picnic at Fagnoon- the art school just outside Cairo. Here Thomas performs a dance routine with some of his classmates--

This was actually a reprise. We got terribly lost trying to find the place, and missed the first show, so the teacher sweetly re-staged it for us. Maybe in the original Thomas wouldn't have been the only boy, but maybe he would have.

here are some more views of the Fagnoon fun:

That's not Picasso's real signature below. Somebody else wrote that. So far as we know he never went to Fagnoon. But he would have loved it!

Tomorrow we say goodbye to Grand Kathy, but only for a week. We leave ourselves for NYC on June 5th!!


Clara said...

How long will you be in the States, Laura? We will be in DC June 27-July 30. Love love love your blog. Ciao! Clara

Laura said...

Hi Clara- we will be stateside for 2 months exactly. Sadly though we will not be in DC because the house is rented. Feel like a return trip to Peru Vt? We can teach the boys to square dance! Or Maine- that's pretty much home base. Sorta sad after all our talk of Istanbul, if New England is the most adventurous we get, but would love to catch up face to face!

Grammy Xray said...

Fagnoon pics bring back the greatest of memories.
Thanks for taking me everywhere I wanted to go.
You are a fabulous family and I loved my time with you.

William Bradford said...

Danced under a full moon, something like the macarena led to the Salem witch trials, an unfortunate extension of the doctrines that I was given to elucidate some 60 years earlier. I'm glad to see that such nonsense no longer ensues in the field of dance, though it seems to flourish in other venues.

As ev'r,


P.S. Jake Schiff, with whom I am seeking cautiously to maintain communication, asks if you would mind sending this video to The Barclay Classes before they blight the internal rhythms of any more generations of his descendents.

S. Freelove said...

That place looks like Collinsbrook !