Friday, September 9, 2011

August at the Art cafe

It was a little sad and weird coming back this fall since so many of our friends from last year have left. Or had they?

It turned out Giacomo and his family were back in town to pack up for their next assignment in Kuwait. We had a great week or so hanging out with them-- and a beUtiful goodbye party on a felucca.

I hope to have more pics of that soon- at one point all the kids climbed up and sat on the canvas roof of the boat and it was quite something--

Then we did a week of art camp at the art cafe. Thomas made some amazing things.

Here he and Emmett show off their art skills at home.

Mulu is back on the scene. If she is a little overwhelmed by this household with a perennially missing father and totally disorganized mother, she has only barely let it show. It turns out she is also a crack shot with a bow and arrow. I don't think we have photos of that, sadly, but here are Diana and Juan taking aim at our new backyard target.

So we do still have some old friends about!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Mulu was raised hunting with a bow and arrow

Gran Kathy said...

There are many kinds of art. I'd say Thomas has succeeded in doing a king of "performative" piece.
He's such a genius.

Anita said...

I'd really like to see that picture of all the kids sitting on the canvas top of the felucca boat

Kathy b said...

What does Emmett say about Kompas these days ?

Grandpa Peter said...

I once shot a quail with a bow and arrow, but it turned out it was a duck.

whammie said...

oh to paint outside in the garden with pots full of color

William Bradford said...

I once bagged a turkey and pheasant and a quail and a duck and a couple of brown bumkins too

Scuttle said...

Is there some point to confusing these fine young men in future years as to just who is writing under which assumed name?

Anonymous said...

Now that is what summertime should look like! Grandma Nancy