Sunday, September 18, 2011

On the Nile

I am so glad to be able to share with you the photos from Felucca-palooza, Giacomo's goodbye celebration.  

 We were two boats tied together.  That's Giacomo's dad on the guitar.

Here's Giacomo on top of the world:

And here's Thomas:

This girl had just moved to Cairo with her family.  They looked ecstatic all evening.  I suspect they will be disappointed when the rest of their time in Cairo is not like this at all.

And how does the "empty room" look now with furniture?  Quite nice, thank you.

This chair is controversial.  We really like it, but if we are honest with ourselves, it's too big for the room.

And here are some sweet memories of days gone by:


gran kathy said...

Well I got to go on a Felucca boat ride my first evening in Cairo and actually the rest of the time WAS just as exciting. wonderful pictures Laura. Those two boys sprawled on top of the world are the image of happiness.

Anonymous said...

I love the little toes twinkling in the Nile sky, the happy uninhibited ring bearer with truck, and the sweet memories of our wonderful time in Maine! Go Laura!
Grandma Nancy

Scuttle said...

The only way that Bozo would have gotten that close to the young lady on the sail at that age would have been by tripping on a marlin spike and falling on her on his way overboard.

And Emmett in front of the wedding party belongs in a Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover, if there were still such things.

The generations do improve.



Kathy. said...

Grandma Nancy - I'm so glad you got to see how great you look in a crown

KB said...

The picture of Dave at the table with cupcakes in front of him - well that was his birthday cake; homemade I might add.