Thursday, November 24, 2011

Balloon ride

daddy brought Thomas his own camera as a present from Libya before we went to Luxor so we have a treasure trove of photos.  Before we get to that, here is just a taste of our derring-do: a sunrise balloon ride over the ancient temples:

Thomas was ok with the height, but the enormous flame in the middle of the basket was unnerving.  The other Kirkpatrick men are awed, not scared, just fyi. 

Here are some more shots:

What is perhaps most surprising about this ride is that they encouraged us to bring Emmett.  We did not- he and Grandma Nancy had a snuggly morning back at the hotel.  He is not happy about that when he looks at these pictures, but one thing I am thankful for today is that we did not have wiggly, screaming Emmett on this ride.

 This colorful young lady greeted us when we landed in a random field behind some houses:


William Bradford said...

Wow. Like the Mayflower in high seas.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Yr. Obt. Srvnt.


Kath. said...

like many beautiful things

Kathy B. said...

Dave popped up on my computer today telling us what we might expect from the elections. He looked so tan in the bright sun in his pink shirt with two undershirts on and spoke beautifully.

Anonymous said...

what does Thomas want for his birthday ?