Tuesday, November 22, 2011


poor Dave!

But actually he says he is fine, and all is mellow, even festive, downtown.

Update: Man with bottle is protester helping teargas victims by offering eye drops.  Photo was taken by a NYT photographer, I think.  Boys and I have not been to Tahrir-- dont worry. (well actually I did stop by with two friends on the way home the other night.  It smelled terrible- we all got sore throats immediatly.  The rumor is that they are dropping extra-strong new chemical gas-- I am getting lots of outraged messages from friends telling me to tell Dave to make the NYT report this.  As if I could.

protests seemed to be thousands of young men sitting around- most looking like Williamsburg hipsters, but some with beards and jalibayas.  Seemed to be teams devoted to ferrying supplies, patrolling perimeter, controlling traffic, organizing buses, and the like.  Other than that, not clear what the focus was, but they are doing good things, and very brave.)

Posted by Laura


Anonymous said...

who took the picture ?

William Bradford said...

Guess he'll think twice about your birthday next year!


Kath. said...

Is the guy handing Dave some eye drops or is he using that little bottle to spray him with tear gas ?

Anonymous said...