Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Goings on

Here is Emmett with his swim "coach" Khalil at Maadi House.  Emmett can swim underwater now! Without armbands!

Santa came to Maadi on a camel, and the boys were pretty ho hum about it.   Here Thomas is asking him for a flamethrower for christmas.  I'm not kidding.  Santa said no.   

But the main event, bigger than christmas in our family, was Thomas' 7th birthday!!!  Unlike the last two years, when he wanted gifts but no children at his party, this year he wanted to invite twenty children!  I was so happy about that, I just went for it.  Dave says it wasn't a party, it was an extravaganza.

 We kicked things off with a birthday sleepover with Max and Alex.  We watched a movie and ate cupcakes.  Here the boys are building a baroque Ottoman castle for our two new dwarf hamsters.  Their names are Fireball and Lightning Bolt.

Then, a party.  We had a bouncy castle, clowns, a magician, and a treasure hunt.  

Cool guys . . .

Thomas loved it.  If you enlarge that photo and look  carefully you can see his little grinning mouth-

Whoever is responsible for this picture should never be allowed near a camera again.

Emmett had a great time too, and is now planning his 4th birthday party in March.

We leave for the States in 9 days!  Also, there has been some news here in Egypt.  You may have read something about it.  I don't have much to add except that Dave's sympathy for the Muslim Brotherhood is making life difficult for me at the country club.  


Anonymous said...

Thank you! thank you! Thank you for these wonderful photographs. That smile says it all! And please tell Emmett that we think that he is awesome! Grandma Nancy

Laura said...

So apparently, the custom in Egypt on birthdays is to shake the child until he's headless?

I looked for Thomas' grinning face in the photo but was blindsided by D's hat.

Emmet makes an fantastic super hero, I look forward to the series.

Clara said...

Love it! Happy 7th, dear Thomas! Have a wonderful time in the States. We are completely snowed in here- might not even make it to Italy for Christmas. What strange lives we both lead! Hugs, Clara

Gran Kathy said...

Love the birthday pictures with all the smiles and headless children. Who made it on Thomas's birthday guest list ? I see some long haired blond girls and a lot of fun looking boys.

Mom said...

That little (?) Emmett
not surprised he is a water rat