Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Home for the Holidays

We have quite a backlog of memorable moments.

Here we are at the start of the trip, in a pose we stayed with pretty consistently while in the States:

This was at the lovely Houston family holiday party in New York City.  I think pretty much the entire readership of this blog was at the event anyway, but we sure had a nice time.

While we were away, Dave lost the gerbils.  But its ok, because a new stray cat had kittens in the yard.


Anonymous said...

There are a few more visuals yet to come to add to these. Welcome back to Cairo guys. We miss you.

gran Kathy said...

We miss you in NYC too
Zoo misses you
swings miss you
pasta with no cheese misses you
taxi with TV misses you
Grand Kathy misses you

Anonymous said...

The kittens were a gift to Laura
I'm not saying who sent them

Kath said...

But but but it's not very easy to get those guys to fall asleep..... This is a document to cherish