Saturday, August 31, 2013


I know people are worried about us here in Egypt. The disconnect between what is on the news, and my daily life with the boys is pretty staggering. Here we are playing in the pool at a friends weekend house in Saqqara yesterday (Friday).

If you look carefully next to the palm tree silhouettes you can see the outline of the Abu sir pyramids, older than the great pyramids.

It was actually one of my favorite afternoons in Egypt so far. While we played, Dave was out covering the protests. They were largely peaceful.

The saqqara house actually belongs to a friend of my friends. Evidently he's out of the country and won't be back for a while. He asked them to look after it in the interim. They also have the keys to another friends apartment in maadi, who has been evacuated and doesn't know when he'll be back for his stuff. My friends' actual house is downtown in Zamalek but they've been spending the last week cycling between all their spare homes.

I guess it's a kind of disaster tourism, but its not unfun. Kind if like how a new fad here is curfew cycling- with no cars on the road evidently night is a glorious time to bicycle.

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Kathy B. said...

Disaster tourism and Curfew Cycling - Glad to know where you are at dear laura. Today I rode my first Citibike which may turn out to be Disaster Cycling.

Laura said...

Go Kath! They have purple "citibikes" all over tel aviv too, btw.

Uncle Arthur said...

Where's the NY times piece on this "curfew cycling"?