Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Here are some items from the vault that have somehow been neglected.  We'll start with some self-portraits, with a loose circus theme:

Here Thomas films himself doing a favorite trick.  Please excuse the gratuitous profanity at the start.  This was early one morning last spring while the rest of us were sleeping.

Here we are at circus camp, waiting for the "pie day" activity to start.  Emmett evidently grabbed the phone, and realizing what he had, began a selfie photo shoot until Mom realized what was happening.  I think Uncle Arthur has a similar series from Emily's wedding.  After this is a self-portrait I took after being "pie-d"


uncle Arthur said...

Nice trick, Thomas! Except I wasn't clear if the trick was him balancing on the mattress or falling down unscathed, or both. Emmett sure is good at the selfies!

Laura said...

It's the falling down while flipping quickly to the opposite side. I believe he's trying to demonstrate what's going to happen in advance when he sticks out his arm to show where he'll go next.

Kathy B. said...

My take on the Thomas video is that he is a master of slap stick. When that piece of wood falls over I start laughing. Even more than seeing my daughter pie faced.